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I wrote the basketball because as a daddy of four little ones, I have found there just aren’t enough children’s books about basketball! Lots of taco eating dragons, talking cars, and Spider-mans, but no hoops?! What has this world come to?

I hope this book resonates for you as it does for me. I want my daughters and son to know all this amazing game has to offer. It has taught me more about life than any book or classroom. May they be the ones to carry the torch…or Spalding…into the future and make this world just a little bit better than it was before they got here.  

- Stephen Chang

About Me

Stephen Chang



 Stephen Chang is a author/actor/director/ stay-at-home-dad based in Los Angeles. A native of the Bay Area, he spent B.C. (before children) eating, sleeping, and breathing basketball. After an amazing high school career (ah, the glory days…don’t judge), he went on to be a so-so college and Pro Am player (former GS Warrior Adonal Foyle blocked my shot into the bleachers…I’m sure the highlight of his career as well). 

Now in A.D. (after daddyhood), he enjoys spending time with his 4 kids, dog, and wife. Similar to our reaction when the doctor announced we were having twins, I am excited and overwhelmed to be sharing the basketball with you.